Knudsen can't hurt me.

The region boasts the most beautiful women in the country.

I talked to her.

Blayne covered the distance in three hours.

Janet always yells when he's angry.

The sheets feel damp.

He's been to the stadium.

The best part of Japan are their video games.

Something smells good in here.

I don't want to take advantage of them.

They're busy repairing that now.

Eliot took a header down the stairs.

Who was the man we saw talking to Russ?

She was able to answer whatever was asked.

The bedroom is upstairs.

We've just finished remodeling our basement.

Breakfast will be served.

Have you ever been to the Black Sea?

Can you ride a bicycle?

We were just unlucky.

Please help me fill out this form.

I didn't hear what Sidney was saying.

The three were arrested.

Can you tell me where I might find Ravindran?

He got his driving licence in less time than anyone.

There's nothing any of us can do for Tommy now except let him die with dignity.

Please ask Thuan to call me back at his earliest convenience.

Those whom he lived with respected him.

Our train reached Rome after dark.

Have you ever driven a sports car?


Dick was the only one who was punished.

Do you feel like answering to my question?

i don't want to miss you

Science rests upon observation.

Pratap learnt how to kill vampires.

It's really cool.

What's your favorite restaurant in Boston?

Are you suggesting Gregge was murdered?

He has a good head on his shoulders.

He isn't running.

What's going on in here?

We cried with all our might.

All the people who go to church believe in God.

At The Happiness Institute in Australia, a couple of hundred dollars may do the trick.

Nora looked at the price tag once again.

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Will it be convenient for you to start work tomorrow?

Her father didn't allow her to go to movies alone.

I'm hungover.

She said that?

Does Irwin know anything about it?

We're still discussing it.

Tell me what happened to him.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

He stole my wallet.


Germans have a more relaxed attitude towards nudity.


There were a lot of rumors.

The primitive man was frightened at the sign of the beast.

What does he do on Saturday afternoons?

I shared the recipe for gluten-free bread.

I'm not in so great hurry.

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Love is better than sex.

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Red Cross is a profitless organization.


Let's all just calm down.


He has a bad reputation with his students.

Wake up, sleepyhead! You've been asleep for twelve hours!

You're very sexy.

I wanted to buy a new one anyway.

Some people dislike the traditional New Year's ritual.


I usually sleep at nine.

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Emmett is feeling it.


You'd be stupid to trust him.

Do you really think I'm attractive?

My car is a Ford, just like yours.

His life rests on her.

I think you know that's impossible.

You wouldn't have come if you didn't think it was important.

They wouldn't give me a refund.

That should be easy.

This meteorite was found in the Sahara Desert.

He's the pest that, on last month's class-help day, escaped leaving me with all the work.

We went to the beach.


I think that someone went there.

The last time I saw Felix he was wearing a prison jump suit.

I didn't think about that.

This is getting tiresome.

Tovah is usually quite observant.


She likes to go for solitary walks.


Believe me, the purpose of that is not understandable.

Chip moved a bit closer to Vassos.

So much is happening.

She played a sonata.

The work must be done by Amy.

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The parents want to give their son the best education.

I used to have one of those.

Antonio doubts that Ray loves you.

I'm leaving for Canada tomorrow.

He won't be home at lunch time.


You can't be a woman.

Is this clock working?

What do you mean they are killing each other?

I need new shoes.

How did you come to know about her?

He confessed in court that he was in touch with racist groups.

There were a pile of binders on the desk.

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He adopted the orphan.


Mike heard a sound upstairs.

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No one knows if he loves her or not.

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I'm trying to help you become a better person.

She was terribly frustrated by that situation.

He took me to the park yesterday.

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Caroline began to help her brother in the manufacture of telescopes and to share his passion for astronomy.

Do you offer any day tours?

Varda lives in a large house by himself.

I was thinking about taking my lunch break.

Her eyes widened.


She is quite ignorant of cooking.

Joseph was happy about that.

Liisa has a way with old people.


We're going to have to deal with this.

My flight will depart in an hour.

It's a hot day.


I've given this a great deal of thought.

I should've listened to your advice.

I told Huashi that he couldn't speak French.

I hate that so much.

He asked me two questions.


She waited for 10 minutes.


I'm in Tel Aviv.

I could not tell what I should do then.

We might as well wait until Donn gets here.

You couldn't possibly understand.

Is that a llama?


Thanks God, you are fine.

Ravindranath does seem to be different.

You can take either road.

You cheated.

Hon looked into the living room.

Don't let Lorraine tell you what to do.

Have you called an ambulance yet?


I'll go straight home.

Men cry, too.

In their case, it was love at first sight.

The stadium is accessible by bus.

We're not active.


Russ has a pretty good idea who stole his trumpet.

When she saw the gorgeous coat, Julie decided to buy it.

But what has this to do with birds!

Why don't you have some wine?

The new shopping mall that opened last week closes at midnight every night.

The girl that I like is over there.

Fill out the form in ballpoint.

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We have a severe winter this year.

Today I take your hand so that we may grow old together.

I smell trouble.

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Why are you talking like that?


With a plumb bob, the carpenter is making sure that our new house's walls will be vertical.

Tell me about your trip.

She looks like her mother, I tell you.

He sat astride over the main door.

The cat chased the mouse, but it couldn't catch it.


Who's going to tell me?


Well, I did a nice job painting the ceiling, if I do say so myself.

Please explain why it is that you can't come.

He was lucky and won the race.

Revised drives the automobile.

There's no escape for her.